5 Ways VMware will help you

Use of VMware in your business will help you in a big way. It helps your business respond more easily, become agile and probably make more profit. However, the success of VMware, just like anything else heavily depends on your ability to use it for maximum outputs. Although many people are using VMware, very few people actually know how to fully make use of VMware. Below are 5 ways VMware will help you take your business or performance to another level:

You can use it to test any new software or service pack– When planning to install any new software or service pack on your computer, it is always good to have an overview of what to expect once the software is installed. VMware gives you a chance of running a virtual installation before the final installation of the software and the service pack. This allows you to test the new software, judge its performance and then decide whether you really need it or not.

You can use it to test shareware– VMware is probably the most convenient way to test the shareware. Normally, as a new user you are given a limited period, say thirty days to use the shareware without paying for it. However, it is never guaranteed that after you install the shareware, you will start using it immediately and therefore, it is normal to find the trial period expiring before you have made any use of the software. VMware allows you to use shareware on a virtual machine and so you can always re-install the shareware and get the trial period renewed.

You can use it to keep your outlook synchronized– You can use VMware to keep your outlook synchronized across all your machines. This can be done by installing the MS exchange on a virtual machine while at the same time running a window server. Although this will require some knowledge of installing and setting up servers, once done, it runs smoothly and easily.

You can use VMware as a networking admin to test network– If you are a network admin and you are on a task of testing a deployment of new machines to be networked, then VMware will come in handy. All you need to do is have several virtual servers and workstations. The servers and the work stations should be isolated to prevent the network from spilling over. VMware enables you to do a good test and also enables the duplication of the working-stations.

You can use it for simplified backup and data recovery-Keeping data safe is obviously a priority in any business setup. As opposed to traditional means of storing data, VMware offers you with a quick backup and reliable recovery of your data and files.